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Your Success, Outsourced!

Giving your business the power of outsourcing to reach your goals




Instead of struggling to hire and oversee full-time secretarial staff independently, consider the advantages of our virtual assistance services. With expert virtual assistants efficiently handling administrative tasks, you can focus on core business activities. Explore the convenience of virtual assistance for your business with maximum flexibility!

We make it easy to find and hire the best talent in Europe, exclusively! Our talent acquisition services include candidate identification, assessment, and management. We work with a pool of qualified European-based candidates, with native-level English and multicultural training. Choose the level of talent acquisition support ideal for you!

Our approach offers seamless collaboration with your team to turn bottlenecks into efficiency gains.  We craft and document workflow improvements, and we provide uninterrupted, round-the-clock support to oversee your processes while resolving any challenges.

Fine-tune and perfect your business processes with us!

Generate high-quality leads and establish a strong online presence with our performance-based marketing and sales services. We offer a wide range of solutions tailored to your business needs, including community growth and management, web and mobile, email marketing, social media marketing, lead generation and much, much more!

We help gambling operators comply with safer gambling regulations and protect their customers. We provide fully-trained, multilingual outsourced player sustainability analysts who are on call 24/7 to serve as both frontline customer service teams and dedicated compliance operators. We safeguard play and ensure compliance!

Our online accountancy and compliance services help businesses of all sizes stay financially healthy. We offer a wide range of services like bank reconciliations and compliance support, document review and financial evaluations, background checks, credit assessments, accounts receivable/payable management, and payroll management.



Based in Europe, Everett Sky specializes in helping businesses scale their teams for growth through transformative solutions and exceptional customer service.


Managed from a single, large office, our constantly-trained staff excels in various sectors such as talent acquisition, virtual assistance, lead generation and more.


Leveraging advanced analytics and technology, we offer tailored, best-in-class outsourcing services to meet diverse business needs.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing with us:

  • ​Helps you focus on the big picture

  • Easily scalable for your business

  • Aids in risk mitigation

  • Cost efficient

Our outsourcing business is equipped with European staff, with certified training method by Trevor Pinder at J9
Our BPO offers top talent for outsourcing based only in Europe, with highest level of English
Everett Sky is a bpo, or business process outsourcing company with staff managed in one central location
Everett Sky staff works in a physical location, giving our bpo services high efficiency in providing top BPO services
Our team is trained by Trevor Pinder at J9, the leading training provider in Europe

Everett Sky provided us with absolute perfect selections. They looked at the job specs we've put together, the nuances within our business, what worked within our environment; and they made sure to shortlist the right people with first class training.

Dean Kelly, Co-Founder

Everett Sky provided RDLC Pirates with perfect candidate selections that have first class training

If you even have considered uttering a resource function or research function to your business, I would say don’t think about this one. Definitely do it - Get in touch with Everett Sky. It's been a great partnership for us, and I hope it is for you.

Joe Rothwell, Director

Our BPO provides outsourcing to businesses that want to scale and enhance a part of their business

Everett Sky has helped us unearth the best talent. They work in an efficient manner, utilize all skills sets and tech we do in the UK...and their results were off the charts! If you're looking for cost-effective solutions to grow your business, look at Everett Sky as a proposition.

Johnny Morse, CEO

Our BPO utilizes the best skillsets and technology in Europe




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